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Knife Making and Bladesmith classes

Where do I start; what a wonderful day. From beginning to end you are made to feel at home by John, Spencer and Aiden, who are continuously a wealth of knowledge and who are on hand throughout the day. Although a group experience, Spencer and Aiden make sure to go around and provide 1-1 attention to everyone and give as much or as little support as needed. This was bought as a gift and it is probably the most appreciated and enjoyed, memorable gift I have ever given; everyone should experience this at least once, but I assure you that you will soon have a new hobby - especially at the hands of the Anvil Forge. We definitely have and will be returning. Thank you John, Spencer and Aiden.

Zoë - 1 month ago - #23767

Knife Making and Bladesmith classes

This course is a fantastic start for a newbie looking to get a practical understanding of the tools and a few of the base skills of the craft. I'll be booking in my second experience soon and can't wait! The knife you make will be aesthetic and useful. Thanks John, Spencer and Aidan for some top instructing.

Joshua Harris - 1 month ago - #23965

"Game of Thrones"...ish! : metalwork / blacksmithing workshop

Spent two days at the Forge with John and his great team. They were all friendly and very accommodating. John and team were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and helped me with the design and explained the processes before letting me loose.
I had a thoroughly great time and made a fantastic Viking inspired broad sword, couldn't recommend this course enough. They run plenty of courses which all look fantastic too!

Lloyd - 2 months ago - #23365

Knife Making and Bladesmith classes

Just finished a 1 day Viking knife making course with John and had an amazing time. Our group was small and it was the hottest day of the year, and I still had a good time.

We were made to feel welcome and I learned a lot. John and his guest tutor Alex had a wealth of knowledge and were keen to impart as much as possible and I hope he takes up his invitation to join Forged in Fire.

Hope to join him again some time to do another course (maybe on a cooler day).

John martin - 2 months ago - #23043

Make a chef's knife

I joined John, Alex and small but mighty Henry for the two-day chef knife making course in May 2019. We were lucky to be a very small class of two but that didn't affect the warm and very enthusiastic welcome from the forge. After a cuppa we set to work forging an attractive iron fire poker to get a feel for the process. Another cuppa in and we were presented with two very rough templates cut from a strip of leaf spring steel salvaged from junkyard. We beat this into shape heating and beating the metal slowly drawing out the edge like you would with pastry. We were shown what colour to heat the metal to and to watch for sparks, suggesting you have burnt the iron because you were too distracted watching the others create bespoke pieces for clients! Once the rough edge is formed we allowed the metal to anneal by bringing it up to temperature then allowing it to cool slowly. Next we sketched out the knife profile we were trying to achieve and grinded down to the rough shape using this stage to create the primary bevel.
After a hefty pub lunch we then worked on achieving the secondary bevel before filing and sanding the edges, hardening the edge by quenching it in oil once past the magnetic point. John kindly took the blades to bake in the oven for two hours and slow cool.
The next morning we set to work on our handles, choosing our hardwood and forming the shape which proved tricky when trying to align the tang inside. Once finely sanded and oiled we went through the final process of sharpening, finishing the knife and testing the sharpness with the customary slice through paper.
All in all a thoroughly enjoyable weekend; John and guys really instill the excitement of forging and have a wealth of knowledge with years of experience. This is a working forge with teaching on the side which in my view is far better than trying to churn out large classes for profit. I also think my knife speaks for itself with multiple friends asking where I did it and how they can sign up! Thank you John, Alex and Henry for a great weekend :)

Oliver Ward - 3 months ago - #22326