Forge your own Knife!


What to expect…

The one day knife making course is designed for beginners that have no or little experience in metalwork or blacksmithing. The course starts with a quick safety talk and a cup of coffee. Once we are all settled in the first task is to make a fire poker which will give everyone some hammering skills and a feel of how the material will react once its heated.

The knife we make is a Viking one piece knife which is great piece for a beginner to work on as it have many of the aspects of knife making and blacksmithing combined.

We also run a 2 day course for the more ambitious in the near future for more details just email us.
The material we will be using is commonly called 'spring steel' which has a greater carbon content , these are the properties that make it more suitable to being hardened to ensure it keeps a much better edge to the blade.

Class sizes are generally 4-6 with maximum of 8 attending with 2,3 or 4 tutors depending on class sizes.

We feel obliged to advise all budding bladesmiths and blacksmiths that although we have not had any injuries of note and we take every precaution you obviously make cut yourself or get a blister if your hands are soft.

Duration: 1 day 9.30am - 4.30pm/5.00pm

Class cost is £180

Please not all classes cost an additional £10 on weekend days.

Here is a video filmed on one of our Knife Making days by Craft Courses and Jack Abbott.