John - Principal blacksmith

John is the founder and owner of the business and has over 40 years experience in the metalworking industry. After working for several metalworking companies John realised that his passion was in the combination of producing artistic metalwork that actually had a function as well!


Spencer - blacksmith

Spencer joined John a number of years ago and has wealth of knowledge in not only blacksmithing and bladesmithing but site installations and problem solving for a variety of situations that arise when installing metalwork.


Aidan - blacksmith

Aidan is a talented blacksmith. He joined us a few years ago for work experience before studying blacksmithing at Hereford and then returning to share his knowledge.


Mark - guest tutor

Mark is a journeyman blacksmith who trained Hereford. Mark is very knowledgeable about the craft and a very capable teacher. He specialises in his love of traditional blacksmithing.


Alex - Guest tutor

Alex is a very competent young blacksmith that has an excellent grasp on all the technical aspects of metalwork and is keen to share his knowledge. He is also a keen photographer and took most of the photos you see on our website, including the ones of himself!


Henry - junior blacksmith

Henry is our most junior team member and for a teenager is exceptionally dedicated. Not one of many words but loves heating , bashing and making , If he is assigned to help you on one of our days you wont be dissapointed .


paul - guest tutor

Paul comes from a military background and is actually only semi-retired from the Army.

Paul helps us on a Ad hoc basis and a knowledgeable blacksmith with many years of experience.


Dan - Welder, fabricator

Dan has recently joined us as an apprentice and we are pleased to say that he is showing a great deal of promise. Not a guy of many words but very capable.