Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the courses at the same location?


What is the start and finish time?

9.30 am however if you wish to arrive a bit earlier we have Tea and Coffee available. We aim to finish at 4.30 but sometimes classes overrun but usually by only half an hour or so.

Do I need any special clothing or safety equipment?

We supply all the essentials , Safety specs, gloves, aprons etc. We do ask that you wear sturdy footwear and older clothing such as denim jeans or the like and preferably not shorts or skirts. Do not wear flammable clothing such as those made from polyester! The safest clothing is made from 100% cotton. We also ask that if you have long hair please tie it back.

Is there parking nearby?

Yes we are location on a farm and can always find somewhere for you to park.

How large are the classes?

All the classes are based on a 2:1 or occasionally 3:1 ratio to ensure that you get maximum attention without being intimidated. The smallest class would be 2 and the largest 8 but we aim for class of six students and three tutors which seems to work really well.

Can I come along with my partner who is doing the class and stay and watch?

Yes but with a few restrictions , you will not be allowed in the work area , you will be welcome to watch and use the tea and coffee facilities and we may even ask you to make the class a cuppa for the morning break!


The cost is 185.00 (weekdays 175.00 when paid and booked at the same time) each which includes a great pub lunch or if you have a voucher please advise voucher number and value.

the day starts at 9.30 and ends between 4.30 and 5pm

Booking is easy, payment info is at bottom of this email, if you want a personalised voucher, I just need a name and once paid it is sent via email.

For a taste of what happens on the day we have a couple of short videos to highlight the day

We normally have 4 to 6 people on a course with a maximum of 8 and minimum of 4, we have 4 forges and 4 tutors available and have 2/3 people per tutor normally.

The day starts with everybody making a fire poker which give a bit of a feel for working red hot metal and hammering, once complete we then move to our projects.

On our experience days I ask everybody to have an idea of what they would like to make on the day ( we have a list of projects other have done), maybe a garden ornament or sculpture or even a simple replica sword, or something for the house or just maybe  something more unusual, anyway if nothing comes to mind I will have a few ideas to help out of course we have to be realistic about what a beginner can do in a day!

Below is a link to some photos of what other people  have made, http://www.pinterest. com/ johnloveluck/blacksmith- experience-days 

Some project ideas johnloveluck/experience-day- projects/

Making a Viking knife johnloveluck/our-knife-making- day/

There is a link to what some people have said Reviews for Anvil Forge - Craft Courses - Craft courses and workshops across the UK

We have launched a new course this year, make your own Dragon Weekend, this is a 2 to 2.5-day course to make a dragon about 2ft high with a 2ft wingspan! 

The cost is £470.00, and you can even take your new friend home with you! 

Other new courses either planned or running are:

Parent and Child   this is to cater for the younger people who want to have a go but are to young to attend. (Sorry, no pub lunch on this course)

Chef’s Knife a two-day course where we have more time to make chef’s knife with handle that will look good in any kitchen. Cost is £370.00

Axe and Tomahawk a two-day course planned for the new year making a viking axe or tomahawk. late 2019 launch

Viking Knife   this is a one day course where we will be using either leaf springs or new spring steel and forge a Viking style knife

All course costs are £175 per day weekdays when booked and paid at the same time (185.00 weekends) or £370 for two-day courses to cover extra material required.

A pub lunch is included on the first day.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are always available free of charge. 

We do have personalised gift vouchers, if required which can be valid for up to a year.

Please feel free to call if you are unsure about anything or want any further information.

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